Terms & Conditions

  1. Service Information
    1. The subscription will refund the base ticket price to the mobile wallet linked to the subscription number. The amount refunded will be only the base ticket, and other components such as taxes, booking charges etc. will not be refunded.
    2. In case of multiple tickets being booked in a single booking, only the base cost of one ticket will be refunded.
    3. The subscription is not valid on special shows such as Premiers and is applicable only for shows open to the general public.
    4. In case of the ticket being refunded by the Client for any reason, such as cancellation of shows, the refund would not be provided under the subscription.
    5. The subscription is valid for all movies playing at client sites in Chennai, Coimbatore and Puducherry.
    6. Any number of movies can be watched in a day but a title can be watched only once to be eligible for a refund of the ticket.
    7. Unlimited movies do not guarantee the availability of seats at the movie theaters.
    8. Only bookings made on the Client’s App are eligible for refund. Booking made on other platforms, including the Client’s website will not be eligible for the refund.
    9. The customer is required to ‘Check In’ when he/she arrives at the movie theatre by using the location trigger in the app for a minimum of 15 minutes in-between the show-time of the movie. The customer is not eligible for the refund if the ‘Check-in’ process is not completed within the stipulated time.
    10. The location trigger must be initiated from the registered mobile number to be validated and eligible for the refund.
    11. In case of loss of phone of the registered number, the enrolled subscriber is requested to send an email to ask@unlimitedmovies.in prior to their booked movie to avail their refund.
    12. In case the subscriber is on a monthly subscription scheme, the customer agrees to renew the subscription before the expiry of the existing subscription.
    13. This subscription automatically entitles the customer to be a fuel wallet holder or will be subscribed to Fuel wallet.
    14. Money in the Fuel wallet can only be used to avail services and products within the SPI limits.
  2. Terms of Use
    1. You agree that you can enter into binding agreements.
    2. The subscription is not transferable and is entitled to the enrolled subscriber and their registered number only.
    3. You agree that the subscription provider reserves the right to change or modify the service at any time and at its sole discretion, including the prices, without prior notice.
    4. You agree that the subscription provider is not responsible for programming, cancellations, rescheduling etc., which is the sole responsibility of the Client.
    5. Our Clients are not liable or responsible, or in any way associated or affiliated with the subscription service provided. Our Clients however, will not restrict access to subscribers into its premises and its services.
    6. The subscription can be terminated by the subscription provider, at its sole discretion, for any or no reason, including but not limited to:
      1. The subscription provider suspects that you have provided incorrect information while signing up for the service.
      2. You attempt to claim a refund on movie that you have not watched.
      3. You attempt to claim a refund on a booking that was not made on the SPI Cinemas app.
  3. Intellectual Property Rights
    1. The “Unlimited” logo, artwork, and associated collateral are the property of the subscription provider and may not be replicate without explicit permission from the company
  4. Privacy
    1. You agree to allow SPI Cinemas to share information with the subscription provider.
    2. This agreement supersedes the privacy agreement and policy of SPI Cinemas.
  5. Indemnity
    1. You agree to indemnify the subscription provider, its officers, employees, directors and other affiliates from demands, claims , loss or liability made against the subscription provider by any third party arising out of your use of the subscription
  6. Limitation on liability
    1. The limit of liability of the subscription provider is limited to the base cost of the refund where applicable and the subscription amount paid by the subscriber.
    2. The subscription provider does not guarantee the availability nor does it provide any movie tickets to its customers.